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About Huckleberry


Since forming in 2011, the six-piece band have played throughout the Grand Canyon state and released their debut album Fine Highway January 2013. Huckleberry mixes alt country twang, ragtime swing, jazz, Hawaiian and good ol' fashioned rock and roll to form a sound that you can dance to, drink to, clean your room to, make out to, whatever butters your biscuit.

Often compared to the likes of Wilco, Harry Nilsson and The Flying Burrito Brothers, Huckleberry blends the new with the old to create unique desert narratives and barroom ballads.

Lineup includes: Ian Kelman, Nicholas Schest, Paul Bjorlie, Raphael Nzunga, Cory Gassner, Andrew Waterhouse & Taylor Marques
Past members: Jojo Caldwell, Matthew Knight, Allison Rutter, Isaac Parker



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  • Fine Highway Vinyl

    12" vinyl of "Fine Highway". Pressed on 180-gram vinyl.